A financial plan is integral to investment success & achieving life goals; it’s the blueprint for a client’s entire financial house and, done well, provides a firm foundation on which all else rests.

Financial planning looks to the future and contemplates the possibilities. When done right, it's about balance. It's about priorities. It's about trade-offs. Sometimes it's about making tough decisions. We believe it’s possible to be comfortably and confidently prepared for an uncertain future while also making the most of your financial resources (and your lifestyle) along the way.

We use a revolutionary financial & wealth planning process called WEALTHCARE® from Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. It supports life-relative advising. As investors, we have goals we want to be confident of achieving. As human beings, we have hopes & dreams and want to live the best life we can. So how can we invest well & live well? The WEALTHCARE® advising SYSTEM delivers the answer to both.

With WEALTHCARE®, we help you arrive at investment decisions relative to your life priorities, not decisions only relative to uncertain financial markets. Looking at investing from the perspective of your life’s priorities is an altogether different & invigorating process. 

It addresses your financial needs & your dreams, your estate & your special interests, your investment risk & your loved ones – what you value in life. It shows you how to make smart tradeoffs among these different, often conflicting priorities to achieve a unique personal balance that avoids unnecessary compromises & needless risks. 

WEALTHCARE® helps make your life & your investments a dynamically matched set, with both of us as its management team, talking, discussing options, making adjustments as need be. You'll be free of uncertainty about what to do when confronted by change, expected or otherwise. 

Of course your life will change. Of course your priorities will change. They do for everybody. Always. But whatever happens, your WEALTHCARE® Plan will adapt to the changes or thrive on them as opportunities presents themselves. It is a dynamic financial decision making system that will always see the world of investing through the lens of your life & the priorities you value.


The concepts of identifying ideal & acceptable goals in dollar values and timing of goals, investment risk, & the relative and proportionate priority amongst these goals as a constantly evolving advice process are the intellectual property of Wealthcare Capital Management & its patented WEALTHCARE® SYSTEM.