Understanding You

Understanding you & what's most important to you is central to everything we do in delivering advice. We start the advisory process with a conversation to establish our relationship. We employ agenda-free listening. We want to know your questions, concerns, & what you'd like help with.

We discuss each of your goals in ranges, from minimally acceptable to ideal. We talk about your priorities; the relative importance of one goal to another, which ones can be compromised or pushed out further, if required, to ideally meet more important ones. We discuss your investment experience & risk preferences.

We collect information about your income, expenses, savings levels, liabilities, insurance coverage, investments, tax situation, & estate plan. We give you an orientation to the planning & advice process we use, Wealthcare®, & what you can expect from it. After collecting enough information to assess the scope of service desired, we suggest appropriate areas to be addressed for analysis/planning & quote an advisory fee.


We evaluate your goals to develop a preliminary plan, “stress-testing” it using a patented probability analysis engine to simulate the uncertainty of market returns on your investments & the effects on your goals. Good decisions about your money increase with a complete understanding of the issues you face. The numbers on their own are just that: numbers. So we interpret them and turn it into information you can use to make decisions. With your input, we refine the plan to deliver as many of your goals at or near their ideal levels as possible.


Analysis & planning is both art & science. By combining your goals, the dreams you prioritize, & the stress testing analytics, we design a customized recommendation of goals & investment strategy. We work to balance your choices & priorities to provide you with a sufficient level of confidence, without too much uncertainty or irrational sacrifice. You can have confidence the recommendation is achievable & based on understanding the inherent uncertainty of financial markets.


It is only through successful implementation of advice & investment strategy that goals have the potential to be realized.  A decision without action is no more powerful than indecision or no decision. We provide implementation assistance as desired.


Life is not static. It ebbs and flows. Things change. Your plan is the same. It is highly likely to need adjustment with uncertain financial markets & as life events, aspirations, revised goals, & new priorities change things. Our ongoing cycle of monitoring plan progress combined with identifying new or revised goals & priorities allow us to provide ongoing advice to keep you on course toward your goals.