No financial product sales

Many financial services firms provide "planning" and "advice" primarily as a sales pitch to make investment & insurance product sales. You may have experienced the repellent energy & pressure of one of these veiled salespeople desperate to hook you.

We believe there is a serious conflict of interest if an advisor's advice is incentivized by commissions or other types of compensation on products they recommend & sell to clients. We are not implying that all advisors in this category place their economic interests ahead of yours when selling things to you. But many do. Some are simply naïve. They've been trained by their employer with biased information and aren't experienced enough to know any better.

To maximize objectivity in delivering unbiased advice, we sell no products (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance). We believe it more prudent to get advice from a independent, objective advisor rather than a product peddler*  employed by, or acting as an agent for, a financial product "manufacturer" or distribution network**  with a well camouflaged sales agenda.

We certainly recommend appropriate products to implement portions of our financial advice.  In fact, we help guide clients through the masses of investment & insurance products out there to find the best choices. Products are essential. But we do not sell them. We are not paid by product providers to solicit for or recommend them.

That said, you will not see "production" sales awards adorning our office walls, web site, or professional credentials. Frankly, we think sales awards or incentives in the profession of delivering financial advice are reprehensible. 

* (banker, stockbroker, insurance agent, financial consultant, registered rep)     ** (bank, brokerage, insurance or mutual fund company)