Fee-only compensation

We are compensated solely by fees paid by our clients. We do not accept commissions, referral fees, rebates, discounts, revenue-sharing, under-the-table "soft dollar" incentives or any other type of compensation from any other source. This minimizes conflicts of interest.  Why is that important?

There is no financial incentive for us to favor any particular investment, insurance product, or strategy when giving financial & investment advice to you.  Financial remuneration & incentives for financial advisors are how product vendors influence or impair advisor objectivity to buy their way into your portfolio. 

Being fee-only & not representing (or having any financial ties to) any third parties/product providers gives us complete independence. There are no strings attached to unduly influence or pressure us. We answer to no one but you.  This allows us to deliver the highest quality, objective advice, putting your best interests front and center. Our compensation is transparent, not opaque.