Financial education

The financial, investment, & economic universes are complex & constantly changing.

This fact can breed uncertainty, frustration, & anxiety about the best way to reach important goals.  In today's complicated financial environment, there are literally tens of thousands of investment & insurance products & strategies from which to choose. Any uncertainty can be compounded by massive amount of related statistics, new tax laws, global economic changes & other data. Media hype, misconceptions created by false or misleading premises & advertising from the financial industry, economic predictions, & oversimplified quick & easy solutions further impede planning, the decision-making process, & taking action. 

When goals are unclear & an investor experiences extreme financial uncertainty, either personally or with a volatile stock market, this usually results in, "I don't know what to do, so I'll do nothing."

You have a powerful tool at your disposal that can help you make better financial decisions: it’s your ability to learn and educate yourself. We help with this. At each meeting, we typically educate on a variety of pertinent financial & investing topics to help broaden understanding of the things that affect your financial affairs and goals, especially the investing process, & the uncertainty of financial markets.

This fosters the confidence & peace of mind that comes from a wider, more informed perspective. It keeps one grounded & improves rational decision-making. It neutralizes the negative psychological effects of day to day events & sharp drops in the market. When that happens, the odds of maintaining discipline with your financial plan and investments is greatly enhanced.