Wealth Management Services & Deliverables

Our wealth management services includes both an advisory & investment management component. 

Advisory services include; financial planning to identify your priorities & range of ideal & acceptable life goals, customized recommendation of goals & investment strategy ensuring the lowest risk exposure necessary to confidently fund goals, incorporating changes to goals & priorities as they occur, retirement income/distribution management, updating client plan every month with new asset values & evaluating the impact on plan goals. Also included as needed; cash management, protection/risk management, tax & estate planning, financial education & coaching, quarterly status update reports, semi-annual review meetings (face to face or via telephone/video conferencing), & most importantly, timely, new advice to maintain sufficient confidence in the plan as (personal, financial or economic) circumstances change.

Investment management services include; research, buying/selling, monitoring, & rebalancing of specific recommended investment securities, daily account review to keep the investment allocation in balance & aligned with your plan, withdrawal management which minimizes taxes by following a customized spending methodology for your portfolio & tax circumstances, quarterly performance updates, & a household-level, portfolio asset location strategy. This strategy places assets between taxable, tax-defered, & tax exempt accounts in such a way, to get the most favorable tax treatment overall with less trading/transaction costs. 

We primarily serve clients that need & desire financial planning, plan monitoring with ongoing advice, and investment management.

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