Retirement Plans (401k, 403b, 457)

We work with select SEC Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) that offer fiduciary advisory services for corporate & small business clients. Together we offer support and guidance to employers/plan sponsors so that they can feel confident that they are providing themselves and their employees an attractive benefit at a reasonable cost without unnecessary liability.

The 401(k), 403(b), 457 retirement plan platforms we use include the following advantages:

Turn-key platforms that offers a very competitive cost structure with full fee disclosure. Employers typically save 15% to 35% on the cost of recordkeeping and administration and the savings for participants can be even more dramatic.

The recommended fund line-up has an investment expense range of 0.10% to 0.28%. It has been shown that high investment cost substantially impacts wealth accumulation. For example, an information sheet from Vanguard shows a $193,485 difference between a fund that carries an expense ratio of 0.30% and one that charges 1.40%, based on 40 years of compound growth, annual contributions of $3,000 and an 8 percent return.

Three Service Offerings

1) Six professionally managed model portfolios, low cost (less than 0.75% annually).

  • choose for yourself, OR
  • auto-enrollment in an age based model, OR
  • risk questionnaire & scoring to select a model, OR
  • get personalized advice to help choose model &      create a custom plan (WEALTHCARE®) with monitoring & advice about best choices for unique personal goals
  • 2) Create your own portfolio from 12 low cost index funds (Dimensional, Columbia, Vanguard, Fidelity).

    ) Self directed brokerage account with TD Ameritrade.

    • choose from nearly any legally available security
    • more than 16,000 available funds
    • no proprietary fund requirement

    The RIA signs an ERISA 402 Agreement that will fully indemnify the plan as it relates to the investments. The provision grants the RIA full discretion and authority to select the investment options to be made available under the plan for investment by participants, including changes to such investment options from time to time as the RIA determines is in the best interest of the plan. The RIA also creates model portfolios based on exhaustive research into historical market performance. These two roles agreed to by the RIA make it an ERISA 3(38) and 405(d) (1) investment manager.

    The RIA and Turtle Creek WealthCare have the ability to offer participant advice, not just education. There is a difference. As part of our Participant Advisory Services, a custom financial Plan (WEALTHCARE®) will be completed for any plan participant.

    A comprehensive review of your current plan document and provisions is included. There have been sweeping changes to industry rules and regulations that may allow you to favorably amend your plan. Many owners of small and midsize businesses and professional practices face a dilemma as they prepare for retirement. As their days of running the business wane, they need to contribute more to their tax-qualified retirement plan to meet future needs.

    The cost of contributions to cover other eligible employees, however, can make traditional retirement plans unaffordable to some businesses. Fortunately, businesses and professional practices can customize tax-qualified plans to maximize contributions and benefits for owners while controlling the cost of covering other eligible employees.